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How to wear a tennis sweater How to wear a tennis sweater

These days, you don’t have to worry about wearing what you like most when you need it most. With style and aptitude is possible to dress in a tennis sweater, in different kinds of situations. For that reason this time, we will show you how to wear a tennis sweater properly in and out of […]

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this christmas give heritage This Christmas give Heritage

Good morning everyone, today from Slazenger Heritage, your vintage sportswear store, we are going to talk to you about Christmas presents. Because this Christmas give Heritage.  We are in the most magical time of the year, and with it come the gifts. We tell you what to give to those who love tennis or golf. […]

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Tennis Aesthetic by Slazanger Heritage Slazenger clothes will be your best choice this season

Why will Slazenger clothes be your best choice for this winter? Hello everyone, today from Slazenger Heritage, we will present again the three product lines that we have. These three lines take inspiration from the brand’s classic garments, where they continue with the same quality and elegance. Golf Sweaters This sweater represented the “Slazenger v […]

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Slazenger’s clothing: Wimbledon Collection

Today in Slazenger Heritage , specialists in sport clothing, we have a post about the new Wimbledon Collection , from Slazenger’s clothing which is available in June . This kind of clothing consists in some sport jackets and the collection of tennis sweaters. These clothes are perfect for you!   Slazenger’s clothing: Sport jackets The […]

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sport jackets The new collection of Sport jackets

Good morning everyone! Today from Slazenger Heritage, one of the oldest surviving sporting clothing brand, we bring you the most luxurious and stylish collection of sport jackets. We want to show you all the designs and fabrics and find the one that best suits you. Our sport jackets Our sport jackets are made by hand, with […]

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