The new collection of Sport jackets

Good morning everyone! Today from Slazenger Heritage, one of the oldest surviving sporting clothing brand, we bring you the most luxurious and stylish collection of sport jackets. We want to show you all the designs and fabrics and find the one that best suits you.

Our sport jackets

Our sport jackets are made by hand, with an approximate work of 5 hours and a half for piece, and carefully designed to fit perfectly with the public.

Cotton jacket & Wool jacket

Both models are manufactured in Spain and carefully manufactured by our experts to achieve a seam that meets your expectations. It is designed with a row of buttons and no shoulder pads, for more comfort and relaxation on the shoulder. In addition, the fact of creating a sports cardigan gives an elegant and luxurious touch to whoever wears jackets cotton

Sport jackets jaquard

Sports jackets totally inspired by the style and design of the English and Spanish knitted hunting jacket. Its fabric is incredibly comfortable and warm, while providing all the necessary class and timely elegance. Moreover, each color and format of this jacket is unique, thanks to its half lined and soft silhouette at the shoulders, notched lapels and a four button front.

sport jackets jaquard

Teba sport jacket & Teba jacket jaquard

This sport jackets are made with the finest wool, providing the best texture and elasticity for easy movement. Furthermore, this product has the advantage of not wrinkling, that means that it has no back vents and its barrel cuff style offers the option of a formal closed cuff or a more relaxed look with a bent back.

teba jacket sport jacket

At Slazenger Heritage, we love sports, but always with elegance and style. That’s why we want you to find the jacket that best suits you. Do not doubt to contact us to answer any question. See you soon!

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