Tennis Legends Collection

If there was a league of fashionable sports, then tennis would undoubtedly be champion. The immaculate white uniform has been worn by greats of the game since the very beginning.

The Slazenger story is inevitably linked with tennis. Slazenger tennis balls were first requested to be used at Wimbledon by champion tennis players leading to the brand becoming the official Wimbledon tennis ball supplier in 1902. This is now acknowledged as the longest unbroken sports sponsorship in sporting history.

Legendary British player, Fred Perry, played and won Wimbledon at the All England Club in 1932 with a Slazenger racket in his hand. Manolo Orantes won the US Open at the Forest Hills Courts with his iconic Slazenger Challenge nº 1 wooden racket. And year by year, more and more stories and anecdotes from tournaments, matches, clubs and players include the brand.

Slazenger tennis balls

At the Slazenger Heritage division, we give shape to those memories, evoking the nostalgia of more than a century of extraordinary victories and great players. Our new capsule collection features 3 new styles called “tennis legends”, taking inspiration from the beautiful history between Slazenger and grass tennis.

Vintage tennis rackets and Slazenger Vintage tennis

The Collection

The competition has always required players to wear white, and this rule still applies at Wimbledon today. Which has led to fashion being a tournament centerpiece – both aiding athletic performance and expressing individual personality.

By the mid-1930’s, tennis sweaters had gained intense popularity amongst players, fans and film stars like Carey Grant and Robert Taylor, who brought the court-side look to the mainstream. The first style of the “tennis legends” collection is the Slazenger Logo Jumper. The garment features the vintage logo from the tennis balls, carefully knitted across the chest and available in navy or white. Made from 100% cotton.

Slazenger tennis sweater
Slazenger tennis sweater
Slazenger tennis sweater

The second and third styles, the V-Neck and Cable Knit Jumpers, are inspired by the impeccable style of greats such as Fred Perry and Bill Tilden. Made from fine stretch merino wool, these are perfect for British summer evenings. Since the 1920s, Merino Wool has been worn by individuals partaking in sporting activities due to its exceptional qualities of warmth and absorption.