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May 2017

slazenger golf jumper Slazenger and Golf Jumpers

The Slazenger v-neck golf jumpers became the knitwear of choice for professional golfers and made regular appearances at the world’s oldest tournament, the Open Championship Legend Golf Jumpers series explanation To pay tribute to these sporting legends, at Slazenger Heritage we decided to extend the Slazenger golf jumpers “Legend” series to include a number of […]

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Slazenger heritage Sean Connery, Slazenger jumpers and Golf

Sean Connery and Slazengers jumpers Sean Connery never played golf before so he had took lessons so that when it came to filming he could at least appear to be the proficient golfer Bond was supposed to be. Quite by chance, he discovered he had a natural aptitude for the game. This sparked a lifelong […]

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James Bond Anniversary Slazenger  The first legend jumper

Slazenger Heritage and the classic James Bond film, Goldfinger Fewer men have ever looked as good on the first tee as Sean Connery did as James Bond, facing off against his unscrupulous nemesis in the golfing scene from “Goldfinger”. Bond looks effortlessly stylish and poised in his burgundy v-neck from Slazenger, with its distinctive yellow-gold […]

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