Good morning everyone, today from Slazenger Heritage, your vintage sportswear store, we are going to talk to you about Christmas presents. Because this Christmas give Heritage. 

We are in the most magical time of the year, and with it come the gifts. We tell you what to give to those who love tennis or golf.

Heritage for tennis lovers

Tennis fashion has always been something very identifying and special. Even at the Wimbledon championship, there is a special code. Our jerseys are inspired by this fashion, for which many years have passed, in this article we will tell you more about it

These clothes are the perfect present because every garment is carefully styled to reach authentic excellence. And have many good things, like the extremely breathable and natural elasticity it has or containing heat even wet.

That is why we recommend these sweaters for those who love tennis.

Slazenger tennis sweater

Tennis Legend navy

Heritage for golf lovers

Golf clothing has always been a sign of elegance. They are identified by the luxury of the garments. To know more about this topic, we leave you this article. This Christmas give Heritage and be the king of the presents.

Golf Sweaters give Heritage

Our sweaters provide a distinctive look and quality similar to handcrafting. The garments are very comfortable against the skin and the fine fiber does not cause irritation or itchiness.

That is why we recommend these sweaters for those who love golf.

this Christmas give heritage

Slazenger Light Gray Golf Jumper

Sport Jackets give Heritage

The Slazenger Sport Jacket is an iconic piece, inspired by our brand’s story. It’s both light and comfortable, somewhere between a jacket and an overshirt.

Each piece is carefully and patiently manufactured and assembled by our experts in the process, who spend a minimum of five hours making sure every stitch and seam is worthy of our brand.

this Christmas give heritage

this Christmas give heritage

And so far today’s article, we hope we have given you ideas to give these holidays. Are you going to give one away this Christmas? Tell us!

For any questions, contact us. See you soon!

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