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March 2024

Relaxed women's golfer taking a break on the field with equipment around. Empowering the Fairway: Celebrating Women’s Legacy in Golf and Style

In Slazenger Heritage we into the world of sports, golf has always held a prestigious place, known for its tradition, elegance, and the unique blend of skill and strategy it requires. Among the lush greens and serene fairways, women’s golf have carved out their legacy, transforming the sport and fashion associated with it. Today, we […]

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Golf glove holding ball on tee, prelude to a championship shot Seve’s Triumph: Honoring a Golf Legend with the Slazenger Navy-Blue Jumper

In the annals of golf history, few names resonate as powerfully as Seve Triumph, a figure synonymous with resilience, skill, and an indomitable spirit. His victory at the 1979 Open Championship is not just a tale of triumph but a narrative that intertwines the essence of golf with the elegance of fashion, embodied in the […]

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Slazenger's Journey Slazenger’s pioneering spirit: from sports fields to fashion runways

At Slazenger, we’ve long embraced the Sports Fashion Evolution, understanding that the lines between the sports fields and the fashion runways are not just blurred, they’re interwoven. Slazenger’s journey from sportswear to runway began over a century ago, and since then, the Slazenger Influence has been unmistakable. We’ve proudly clothed the heroes of grass-court sports, and […]

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Man-in-Slazenger-Sweater-Holding-Golf-Gloves-and-Sunglasses Trailblazers in sportswear: The Slazenger story

When it comes to sportswear innovation, few names resonate as profoundly as Slazenger. Slazenger’s role in sportswear innovation has been pivotal. With a heritage that stretches back over a century, Slazenger has not only witnessed the evolution of athletic apparel but has also been at the forefront, pioneering changes that have redefined sports fashion. Our […]

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