golf jacket vintage
The Slazenger Sport Jackets are iconic pieces, inspired by our brand’s story. It’s both light and comfortable, somewhere between a jacket and an overshirt. Sports have long provided inspiration to the fashion world. And golf is no exception, with some of the earliest stylish golf looks featuring a jacket and one of golf’s most desired prizes being a blazer. We wanted to honor this unique garment. We took inspiration from English as well as Spanish hunting blazer styles, known as “Teba.” Therefore, we have introduced two new styles: the sports jacket, like a knitted blazer, and the Teba, knitted blazer with cuffs. Each piece is carefully and patiently manufactured and assembled by our experts in the process, who spend a minimum of five hours making sure every stitch and seam is worthy of our brand. This new Sport Jackets aims to, once again, celebrate the heritage of Slezenger by adding boldness and elegance to the sophisticated Slazenger men who undeniably embody the sporting spirit. Golfers know that the clothes you wear - in sport and in life - affect how you feel and how you play as well as how you look. So it pays to dress right.