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April 2019

Wimbledon tennis balls

Hi everyone! In Slazenger heritage we have a strong link with Wimbledon, so we are going to tell about curiosities of this competition . In the previous post, we told you why players have to wear white. Today, we want to talk about the tennis balls that are used in Wimbledon. Wimbledon tennis balls Wimbledon is […]

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slazenger heritage in wimbledon Why do players have to wear white at Wimbledon?

Hi everyone! Wimbledon is just a few months away, and we are thrilling for its begin. That’s why today in Slazenger Heritage, vintage jumpers, we are talking about one of its biggest traditions: why players have to wear white at Wimbledon. Why wearing white at Wimbledon? As you know, Slazenger has been at Wimbledon since […]

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