Slazenger clothes will be your best choice this season

Why will Slazenger clothes be your best choice for this winter?

Hello everyone, today from Slazenger Heritage, we will present again the three product lines that we have.
These three lines take inspiration from the brand’s classic garments, where they continue with the same quality and elegance.

Golf Sweaters

This sweater represented the “Slazenger v neck jumper” during the 60s and 70s. Film and fiction actors, spies, distinguished athletes, wore this garment, marking a very recognized style. At this time, it began to be used by great players at the British Open Championship, the oldest golf tournament in the world.
Currently available in eight different colors and made with merino wool. That is what makes a unique garment with an extraordinary quality that will last for years. It is perfect for playing golf as well as to give a distinguished touch to your daily looks. Because of this, you can enjoy wearing it on a lot of different occasions! 

be a legend with slazenger

tennis sweater

This model of sweaters is available in four models, all have a v-neck. They are also made of merino wool with very fine two-ply yarns, creating a high-quality piece. Two of the models are white, nodding to the requirements that apply in Wimbledon. Around the 1930s these types of jerseys had gained popularity among movie stars, gamers, and fans.

Tennis Aesthetic by Slazanger Heritage

sports jackets

This garment represents an iconic and classic piece of Slazenger clothing. It is a lightweight and stylish comfortable cardigan. Inspired by the hunting jackets used in Spain and England, called “teba”. You can find a variety of colors, and two different models, where the cuffs change. Each piece is carefully designed and manufactured.

Green Teba Sport JacketAll our Slazenger clothes are manufactured with great care and guarantee quality in all garments.
Are you clear on which one you prefer?

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