Slazenger’s clothing: Wimbledon Collection

Today in Slazenger Heritage , specialists in sport clothing, we have a post about the new Wimbledon Collection , from Slazenger’s clothing which is available in June . This kind of clothing consists in some sport jackets and the collection of tennis sweaters. These clothes are perfect for you!

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Slazenger’s clothing: Sport jackets

The Slazenger’s sport jacket is an iconic part of our brand history . It’s light and comfortable, perfect for playing golf. Each piece of this product is carefully manufactured to give you the best experience while you are playing your favorite sport.

The elegance is an extra in this wonderful product. You will be recognized for wearing the best golf clothing, so everybody will admire you.

We have different types of color for these sport jackets, so you can select what you like the most.

slazenger's clothing

Slazenger’s clothing: Tennis sweaters.

This June known as Wimbledon month , we offer you the new Tennis sweaters sollection based on that famous tournament . You will wear like a legend with these clothes!

In this section, we have a wide variety of tennis sweater perfect for you. 

Famous people like Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic are proud of wearing Slazenger’s brand.

It’s soft and light material makes this sweaters a perfect alternative for you . Also, we have to say that this type of jumpers have been made to celebrate the history between Slazenger and lawn tennis.

slazenger's clothing

In Slazenger, we take care about every detail. Because we want to give you our products in a perfect condition and with the best materials . For this, we have the best equipment and a good worker with experience in Slazenger’s shops. Ready for being a legend?

From Slazenger Heritage , specialists in sport clothing, we hope you liked this fantastic post . If you think this information is interesting, you can visit our blog for more information. See you soon!

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