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July 2022

it is important to take care of yourself while playing golf Tips for playing golf during summer

Good morning everybody! Summer is a good time to disconnect from the routine and what a better way to do it than practicing the sport we love. Playing golf is very healthy for both physical and mental well-being. It helps releasing tension, generates endorphins, improves cardiovascular system and muscle elasticity. From Slazenger Heritage, one of […]

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Facts about Wimbledon tournament Things you didn’t know about Wimbledon tournament

Hi everyone! Today from Slazenger Heritage, vintage sport clothing, we are going to tell you the secrets of the Wimbledon tournament, that no much people know! Don’t miss the Wimbledon 2022 these days! How did Wimbledon tournament begin? The origin of the tournament was on Worple Road, Wimbledon, during the ”All England Croquet and Lawn […]

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