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September 2018

slazenger and cricket Slazenger and Cricket

Here at Slazenger Heritage, vintage slazenger jumpers, we know that you are familiar with us being at the center of grass sport. Our Slazenger golf jumpers and Slazenger tennis jumpers show our love for these two sports. But there is a third big grass sport: Cricket. Here is a bit of Slazenger and cricket history. […]

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Cary Grant and Robert Taylor, Slazenger Legends

We all know how long-lived Slazenger is. We’re lucky to have many stars and legends who have been brand ambassadors, such as Hollywood icons Cary Grant and Robert Taylor. They helped popularize our jumpers among ordinary people as Slazenger Legends. Slazenger Legends in Hollywood Having more than 140 movies between the two, it is reasonable […]

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