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April 2024

Close-up of golf ball and club on turf, symbolizing a sports legacy. Creating a legacy in sports: Stories of legendary athletes

Legendary athletes don’t just achieve excellence; they define it, crafting a sports legacy that resonates across generations. They set benchmarks, break records, and most importantly, inspire future talents. Slazenger Heritage proudly supports these heroes, equipping them with tennis and golf gear that’s as enduring as their achievements. A sports legacy arises from talent, tenacity, and […]

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Traditional golf and tennis equipment on green, representing British heritage brands sports history. The role of heritage brands in shaping sports history

In the realm of sports, heritage brands play an unparalleled role, weaving the rich fabric of sports history with threads of tradition, innovation, and excellence. These brands, often rooted in centuries of craftsmanship and dedication, not only provide athletes with high-quality gear but also contribute significantly to the culture and spirit of sports. Among these, […]

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