Slazenger and Cricket

Here at Slazenger Heritage, vintage slazenger jumpers, we know that you are familiar with us being at the center of grass sport. Our Slazenger golf jumpers and Slazenger tennis jumpers show our love for these two sports. But there is a third big grass sport: Cricket. Here is a bit of Slazenger and cricket history.

Slazenger and Cricket, what you should know

As we just said, cricket is another big grass sport, and Slanzenger has been there for a long time. Cricket became very popular in the 19th century, being now the most popular sport in countries such as India or Pakistan.

Slazenger has manufactured all kind of products for cricket playes and the cricket game such as bats, gloves, pads or clothing, always the best quality. Of course, Slazenger continue to manufacture these kind of products for today’s players.

Slazenger and Cricket, the biggest players

In all these years, Slazenger has sponsored numerous cricket players of the first level. Names like Sir Don Bradman, considered the best cricket player in history with a batting average of 99,94. Also Sir Garfield Sobers, considered to be cricket’s greatest all-rounder.

slazenger and cricket don bradmanslazenger and cricket garfield sobers

Sir Viv Richards, one of the greatest batsmen and one of the five Cricketers of the Century voted by a 100-member panel (Sir Don and Sir Garfield too), also used Slazenger products, along with Sir Len Hutton, holder of the english record of higest individual innings in a test match, scoring 364 runs against Australia in 1938.

slazenger and cricket viv richardsslazenger and cricket len hutton

There are more Slazenger Cricket Players, such as 1975 Cricket World Cup winner Rohan Kanhai, and most recently Mark Waugh, who played 128 test matches for Australia and is the actual national selector.

slazenger and cricket rohan kanhai

But not only individual players used Slazenger. Pakistan won the 2009 ICC World Twenty20 with an Slazenger uniform.

slazenger and cricket pakistan national team

Here at Slazenger Heritage we are very proud of Slazenger history, that’s why we created both Slazenger Heritage golf jumpers and Slazenger Heritage tennis jumpers, inspired in legends of both sports who weared Slazenger products.

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  • Liesje Carter

    Slazenger in India, in Calcutta in the early 1900. How big was the company and is there a record of Richard Presland Starling employed be the company


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