Merino wool, Slazenger Heritage history

Reaching a high-quality image is not a piece of cake. You have to work hard to be able to create the image you want to be. This is why Slazenger Heritage only uses Merino wool. If you are willing to know why Merino wool is that good, you are in the correct place.

Merino wool, high-quality product for high-quality customers

The Merino is one of the most historically relevant and economically influential breeds of sheep, much prized for its wool. The breed was originated and improved in Extremadura, in southwestern Spain, around the 12th century.

Why Merino wool is legendary

The Merino is a very adaptable and an excellent forager. It is bred predominantly for its wool, and its carcass size is generally smaller than that of sheep bred for meat. Merino have been domesticated and bred in ways that would not allow them to survive well without regular shearing. They must be shorn at least once a year because their wool does not stop growing. If this is neglected, the overabundance of wool can cause heat stress, mobility issues, and even blindness.

Our product with Merino wool

Slazenger is always looking for quality. Not only being trendy and dapper but making you feel part of our legendary family. This is the main purpose of Slazenger Heritage. Here you will find some of our Merino wool jumpers.

Slazenger Black Golf Jumper – Jack

merino wool jumper black

Tennis Legend Number 1 Navy

merino wool jumper blue

Tennis Legend Number 3

merino wool jumper light


If you are interested in any of Slazenger high-quality product, you will find more Merino wool jumpers in our online shop. Thank you for reading us once again. We will see you again next time, with more legendary stories, high quality Slazenger products and more.

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