Carnoustie Golf Links, the legend´s birth

In Slazenger Heritage, we admire our golf legends and the places where they won some title or award. In the previous post, we told about Royal Lytham, magic happened twice. Today, we want to talk about the place where Tom Watson born as a legend: Carnoustie Golf Links.

Carnoustie Golf Links, a magical place

carnoustie golf links

Carnosuite Golf Links is a place with a special history. It is located in  Carnoustie, a town in the council area of Angus, in the North Sea coast in Scotland. It was stablished in 1842. A hundred seventy seven years ago! It has a total of 54 holes.

There is a curiosity about this field. In 1999 it was invented the term Carnoustie effect because even the best golf players used to fail playing in the Open Championship of that year. That term means the frustation that they felt by the unexpected difficulties of the Carnoustie Golf Links, which was compounded by the weather.

 The Carnoustie Golf Links Courses

Carnoustie Golf Links has three courses, the Championship Course, the Burnside Course and the Buddon Links Course:

In 2018, the Championship Course was voted Best Golf Course in Scotland.

The Burnside Course oozes character and is a splendid test of golf.

The Buddon Links Course is the newest of the three courses at Carnoustie

Carnoustie Golf Links and the 1975 Open Championship

The 1975 Open Championship was the 104th Open Championshipplayed 9–13 July at Carnoustie Golf Links.

In that Open Championship, Tom Watson won his first of eight major titles here. Tom Watson won an 18-hole playoff by one stroke over Jack Newton. He wore mid-blue Slazenger Heritage Jumper.

tom watson wearing a slazenger jumper


We will always be grateful to our Slazenger legends because, thanks to them, today we are who we are. Remember that you can also feel like a legend wearing a Slazenger jumper.

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