Tips for playing golf during summer

Good morning everybody! Summer is a good time to disconnect from the routine and what a better way to do it than practicing the sport we love. Playing golf is very healthy for both physical and mental well-being. It helps releasing tension, generates endorphins, improves cardiovascular system and muscle elasticity.

From Slazenger Heritage, one of the oldest sporting clothing brand, we want to give you some tips for playing golf during the summer, taking care of your body and enjoying the fullest.

Tips for playing golf during summer

Tips for playing golf during summer: protect yourself from the sun

Plan the hours

The ideal is to play early in the morning since the day is still fresh. Another option is to play at sunset, when the temperature begins to drop. It is very important that you avoid playing from 12 to 5 in the afternoon because those hours are usually the hottest of the day.

Use sun protection for UV rays

Regardless the hour you play, it is very important to wear sunscreen on the face and body. Remember that you should choose a cream with a high protection factor and that best suits your skin.

Wear a cap o bucket hat

This accessory is essential since it protects your head and face, giving you well-being and comfort. Preferably, use caps made with a breathable material.

Use sunglasses

It is ideal to use specific sunglasses to play golf. This type of glasses are made with indestructible materials, which protects you from any impact. Also, of course, it is important to protect your eyes from sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Try to use an umbrella

This article is increasingly demanded by golfers, it is recommended to use an umbrella with UV protection (50+).

Choose your clothes

It is very important that you play with comfortable, light-colored and breathable clothes to stay fresh. As for the gloves, you can carry an additional pair in order to change yourself if the gloves get wet from sweat.

lpaying golf events

Protect yourself inside when playing golf

Take care of your hydration

It is essential to keep good levels of hydration and help the body maintaining its energy. You can drink water or isotonic and do it little by little but continuously throughout the game to stay hydrated.

Eat well

One hour before the game we recommend you to eat light. When you are in the field, you can choose to consume energy bars, nuts or fruits that will keep you energized.

We also want to say that, in addition to previous care, it is also important to warm up before the game to avoid injuries or contractures.

From Slazenger Heritage, vintage sports clothing store, we encourage you to have a summer golf course to learn how to play golf and enjoy this summer. Don’t forget to practice these tips for playing golf to take care of your health. See you soon!

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