Things you didn’t know about Wimbledon tournament

Hi everyone! Today from Slazenger Heritage, vintage sport clothing, we are going to tell you the secrets of the Wimbledon tournament, that no much people know! Don’t miss the Wimbledon 2022 these days!

How did Wimbledon tournament begin?

The origin of the tournament was on Worple Road, Wimbledon, during the ”All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club’.

The tournament started as a Croquet club, however, the interest for the sport made a introduction of England Lawn Tennis. The tennis became so fastly into a popular game or sport among the locals of the region.

Wimbledon tournament has things you probably didn't know

How is the Wimbledon tournament nowaday?

Currently, the matches are being played since June 20 when the tournament began. The most famous players during the last years are some as Jannik Sinner, Novak Djokovic o Rafa Nadal. Before the Wimbledon they had played in others tournaments as the Indian Wells.

Thing you didn’t know about Wimbledon tournament!

Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about the Wimbledon tournament:

  • During the First and Second World Wars, the tournament took a brake since the Centre Court was bombed (this was at 2ºnd WW). The year after the end of the war, the tourament resumed with normally his activity, also with ever growing popularity
  • It is the oldest tennis competition Grand Slam title still played on grass
  • Every year, around 180,000 fans visit the tournament.
  • It is one of the most coveted prizes in professional tennis
  • Keeping the lawns at the Wimbledon court in perfects conditions takes complex science
  • Just two british competitors have won!
  • Our brand is which make the tennis balls for the tournament!
  • Tood Woodbridge is an australian player that has won nine doubles Wimbledon championships, one more than Federer at individual game

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