Australian Open 2020, all you may know

Grand Slam season started on 20th of January. Australian Open 2020 took part in Melbourne with a lot of expectation from the fans. Today, from Slazenger Heritage, online shop for tennis legends, we want to inform you about all you need to know to follow the tournament.

Australian Open 2020 in Melbourne

australian open melbourne

It will take part, as we have already said, in Melborne; from the 20th of January to the 2nd of February 2020. This tournament was created for the first time in 1905 with the name of “Australian Championships”, but it was in 1968 when its named was chaged to “Open”. Since then, professional players could take part of the tournament and, at the end, “Australian Open” became its definitive name.

One of the subjects the people are worried about is the country’s bushfire crisis and how it could affect the participants, because this fire is polluting the air people breathe in the country. It is important to say that the organization of the tournament will be able to stop the games if they see that the rate of fine solid and liquid particles suspended in the air (PM 2.5) reaches a certain degree (200).

Another preocupation is, for sure, if Rafael Nadal will be the champion of the tournament or Djokovic will take it off from him.

Timetable and television

In Melbourne it is ten hour ahead Spain, that is the reason why the most of the matches will be very early in the morning (Spanish time). You can follow all the games and news in “Eurosport” channel.

australian open 2020 federer

Who is missing  in the tournament this year?

This year we can highlight some participants who will not take part of the tournament and we are sure you will miss them. This is the case of Juan Martín Del PotroKei Nishikori or Andy Murray, for instance.

Bianca Andreescu  was the winner of the last Grand Slam but, this year she can not participate due to an injury.

The prize money in Australian Open 2020

This year the prize will be up to 44 millions of euros (for women and for men), being a 13,6% more than the last one.

1st round: 55.800 euros

2nd round: 80.000 euros

3rd round: 112.000 euros

4th round: 186.000 euros

Quarter-finals: 325.000 euros

Semi-finals: 645.000 euros

Finalists: 1.280.000 euros

Champion: 2.555.000 euros

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If you are a tennis fan, we are sure this information will be useful for you this season. We hope you enjoy the tournament, which participant is your favourite? If you want to read  more about tennis legends, just visit our blog. See you soon!

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