Tips on how to wear a tennis jersey with elegance

Fall is the perfect season to embrace comfort and warmth without sacrificing elegance; and sweaters become the best allies to achieve versatile outfits full of charm during this time of the year.

In addition, we will see a trend that continues to gain ground in the closets: the V-neck sweaters. These garments, inspired by the world of tennis and golf, have evolved to become symbols of style.

Here are some tips on how to wear a tennis sweater with elegance, we tell you about them.

Classic colors

For an elegant look, choose classic colors such as black, navy blue, gray or beige. These colors are versatile and adapt well to various occasions and outfit combinations.

Elevate the look with a dress shirt underneath

For an extra touch of elegance and sophistication, you can wear a dress shirt under your sweater. We suggest a white button-down shirt with the collar peeking out above the V-neckline.

Elegant accessories

The right accessories can make all the difference. Pair your V-neck sweater with a tie for more formal events or add a wristwatch and an elegant belt to complete the look.

Man wearing a stylish belt

Shoes, a choice that makes a difference

Although sneakers have gained ground, shoes are still a must in some contexts. Depending on the formality of the event, we can wear from the classic Oxford to the trendy loafers of the moment. The choice is not easy, so we leave you some brands where to buy the best shoes for the return to the office.

Perfect fit

The right fit is essential. Opt for sweaters that fit well to your body, but avoid being too tight or too loose. Balance is key. The right fit will enhance your figure and add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Match with quality pants

The choice of pants is essential to complement your outfit. Opt for quality pants, such as chinos, dress pants or well-fitted jeans, if you want to give it a more casual look.

Tennis sweaters can be key pieces in your closet. Wearing them with elegance is a matter of choosing quality garments, achieving a perfect fit and paying attention to details. Pair them with the right pants and strategic accessories, and you’ll be ready to look stylish for any occasion.

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