Who is Tiger Woods? Facts and information

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Tiger Woods



Who is Tiger Woods?

Eldrick Woods, better known by his nickname “Tiger” Woods, is without a question the most outstanding golf player in recent decades. The golf player also occupies a priviliged place in the history of the sport along with other notable competitors like Arnorld Palmer or Jack Nicklaus.

Woods was born on December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California. Its origen mixes Afro-American, Chinese and Amerindian roots on the father´s side and Thai and Dutch roots on the mother´s side.


In all the Majors, the most prominent tournaments of the circle, Tiger has shown his talent. These competitions include the Augusta Masters, British Open, PGA Championship and the United States Open. His 14 titles have made him become the best male golf proffesional in recent years.

Althhough it may be seem as a lie and is hard to believe it, Tiger, at the age of two, began to show his natural talent in golf. At the age of three he achieved a certainly record mark, covering nine holes with only 48 strokes. That was something incredible at the moment.

Obviously, such precocious achievements openened him the doors to one of the most important elite sports in the entire world.

At the age of eight, Woods won his first amateur tournament. From that moment he would add one victory after another until 1992, when he would debut as a professional.

In 1995, he made his debut in the Grand Slam tournaments, achieving very good results thanks to his great qualities.

In addition to his talent, Tiger Woods achieved something in the sport that no one had achieved before. That was to bring this traditionally elite sport closer to the most popular sectors.

His charisma and his passion were a key element in his career.

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