What are the health benefits of golf?

Hello everyone! Here at Slazenger Heritage we are great advocates of the game of golf. Not only can you look classy when playing golf with our luxurious golf sweaters, you can also get healthy! Today we will tell you about some of the health benefits of golf.


Health benefits of golf


Mental health benefits

You may assume that the health benefits of golf are only limited to physical benefits, but did you know it is also very good for the mind? Golf has been proven to be very good for your brain! By playing golf your heart rate increases, which will increase the blood flow to the brain helping to stimulate processes in the brain. Consequently, it helps to delay an array of mental illnesses such as dementia. Playing golf helps keep the mind at peace!

Train your brain

Is work life stressing you out a lot and you are struggling to find a way to alleviate stress? Or do you find yourself getting quite anxious at times? One of the great health benefits of golf is that it relieves stress greatly. In technical terms, playing golf makes your body release endorphins, which are natural, mood-enhancing chemicals in our brain. It’s your brain’s way of making you feel more relaxed and happier.  Golf also helps to keep your mind alert and provides essential human contact.


Health benefits of golf


Get in shape

Physically there are also a lot of health benefits of golf, of course. It is never too late to get your body in shape, and golf is a great way to help with this. Did you know that a full 18-hole round of golf involves a walk of approximately five to six miles? In terms of calories it means that, even if the course is flat, you still burn approximately 1,500 calories! Even if you prefer to taxi from hole to hole by golf buggy or if you play a shorter round of 9-holes you will still manage to burn a lot of calories: on average even more than when you go for a long work-out in the gym!

Low-impact sport

Another great health benefit of golf is that it’s a low-impact sport. Low-impact sport is any physical sport with minimal wear and trauma to weight-bearing joints. With golf being a low-impact sport, it means that your joints won’t hurt as much as they would when for example you would go running or playing tennis. This makes golf a very accessible and ideal sport or hobby for older players who still want to be able to enjoy a fun sports activity.


Health benefits of golf

Better nights of sleep

The last great health benefit of golf we will be telling you about today is sleep, and lots of it! Playing golf can greatly increase the amount of sleep you will be getting at night. Doing this fun form of exercise will tire your body out which will reward you with a long-deserved night of sleep. Playing golf will help you fall asleep faster and you will sleep more profoundly. Sleep will then help your muscles rest and repair.

Health benefits of golf

Have these health benefits of golf convinced you to pick up the sport yourself? We don’t blame you! Get yourself all geared up and ready to conquer the golf course with our stylish Slazenger Heritage Johnny Jumper. All of us at Slazenger Heritage wish you a pleasant day and lots of golf fun!

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