Types of golf courses

Good morning, readers! From Slazenger Heritage, vintage golf and tennis jumpers, we are going to write about the different types of golf courses.

golf courses in Cancun

There are many kind of golf courses, each one with their own characteristics and in each course you need a style of game. But we are goint to write about 3 types of them:

9 holes golf courses

This kind of course is perfect for people who love this sport but have no time to play a whole course. You could play for an hour and a half or two hours. As its name already indicates, this golf course has 9 holes and the goal is to put the ball into this holes using 30 hits with your golf club.

Pitch and Putt courses

This kind of golf courses are used by golf academies and teachers because they are the perfect courses to learn how to play golf. In these courses the total lenth is limited to 98,43 yards, being all of them a Par-3-hole. It’s faster to play and smaller than other. For that reason is a good way to start to play.

balls on golf courses

Executive course

There are two types of this kind of course: 18 holes course or 9 holes course. The main difference between these and the others is that they are shorter and people play fasterbeing able to play par-3, par-4 and par-5 holes. But the main target in this kind of course is to finish the rounds faster than the others.

Mini golf

This courses are very small because they are adapted for kids and learners. They are usually  located in parks or city center. The only rule is to hit the ball and be better than your rival. The holes are very close and normally you don’t need a lot of hits to place the ball in the hole.

From Slazenger Heritage, we really hope you found this post interesting and now know a bit more about the history of women in golf. Please, contact us if you need more information about our sports collections.


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