Tennis Aesthetic: Spring 2021 trend

Good morning from Slazenger Heritage, your vintage sportswear store! Today we want to share with you this Spring 2021 trend: Tennis Aesthetic.

A few months ago Tamara Falcó and Hailey Bieber anticipated one of the trends of this 2021. Both coincided in the choice of one of the most representative accessories of the ‘athleisure’ aesthetic: the cap. A key element to elevate their casual looks that symbolizes the new reality in the industry after the coronavirus.

The Tennis Aesthetic pieces will mark the 2021 spring. Those pieces inspired by the uniform of tennis players promise to revolutionize the ‘street style’.

Some of the key garments that represent this trend


Polo neck tops, one of the key pieces of the ‘preppy’ aesthetic, will mark the sporty and casual looks that will be worn in the mid-season months. Whether in minimalist style or with different prints, this garment is ideal to wear with jeans or denim skirts.

Plaid skirt

Tennis mini skirts are starting to make their way into stores. The garments are worn in plain colors or with a checkered print and are characterized by their pleating and flounce. This is a must if you want this Tennis Aesthetic look!


One of the star garments of winter will also be in spring. The vest is worn without the classic shirt underneath and is characterized by its V-neckline and details in ‘sport’ key, such as the letters that Stradivarius bets on.

Tennis sweater

Characterized by its V-neck decorated with lines. Usually in beige, navy blue and red tones. It will also be one of the star garments of this season to get that Tennis Aesthetic look.

Slazenger Heritage proposals to get the Tennis Aesthetic look

From Slazenger Heritage we have different tennis sweater proposals.

The first with a bolder style. For those who like unique and different garments. In two different colors, white and navy.

The second one with a more classic style. Also in two different colors; navy and white.

At Slazenger Heritage we LOVE this Tennis Aesthetic trend!

What do you think about this trende? Do you like it? Tell us your opinion.

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