A fruitful friendship between Slazenger and golf

Golf players have always been one of our brand ambassador. Players like Bobby Locke or Seve Ballesteros have helped us to become what we are now. So, we want to share with you a part of the Slazenger’s golf history.

Slazenger’s Golf History

Our first steps

In 1890 Gow of the Glasgow Golf Club manufactured the very first Slazenger Golf Clubs. The next year in 1891 saw the introduction of the Slazenger’s first Golf Ball, the ‘Guttie’. Using the Slazenger ball Harold Hilton won the British Open in 1892 and again in 1897.

Harold Hilton was an English golf player. He won The Open Championship twice, The Amateur Championship four times, and the U.S. Amateur Championship once.


Slazenger's golf history

In the middle of the 20th Century

In 1949, Bobby Locke won the first of four Open Championships with Slazenger. Bobby Locke’s legacy is remarkable, triumphant and tragic. He was a four-time Open Champion and winner of 72 professional tournaments, but a car accident in 1960 damaged him physically and mentally.


Slazenger's golf history


Recent past

When Slazenger’s Seve Ballesteros was 23, he became the youngest golf player who won the Augusta Open in 1980. Known for his competitiveness, creative shotmaking and flair for drama, Seve Ballesteros won more than 70 tournaments around the world and five majors, including the ’79, ’84 and ’88 British Opens and the ’80 and ’83 Masters. But even more than his individual achievements, Ballesteros was known for his role in invigorating the Ryder Cup, which he competed in eight times, leading Europe to its first win on U.S. soil and captaining a victory in his native Spain.


Slazenger's golf history


In 1991 the world could see Slazenger’s Ian Woosnam win The Masters Tounament. Woosie was one of the ‘ Big 5 ’ along with Ballesteros, Faldo, Langer and Lyle who dominated world golf in the 80’s and 90’s. One little recognised statistic is that Woosie has won more professional golf tournaments than any other British golfer.


Slazenger's golf history



Those players are a significant part of Slazenger’s golf history. They made a great landmark, and that’s why we are so pround of what they gave us. The wore our Golf Sweaters around the wold, winnings championships with them.

8 replies on “A fruitful friendship between Slazenger and golf

  • Charles Nukunuku

    Hi there i have this putter that i couldnt find anywhere online i wonder if you could help out it has two dimonds then says slazengers 9 and on the side it has the crown with the two dimonds his name then it says putter

    • Ray Weeks

      I have a Bobby Locke putter with all those marking. He was the 1949 Open Champion. It was the first player to win with Slazenger, that I can find.

  • David Mills

    Hi Can anyone tell me when the Slazenger B51 was first made i bought a full set over twenty years and still use them now and again wonderful iron.

    • Leigh

      Hi David. My second set were a set of B51’s purchased new around 86. 2 through to sw. Instead of the traditional 1.5, 3 and 5 woods. I ordered a 2 and a 4 with a two iron. Though long gone the two iron still survives today(reshafted) My third set which I still use today,(I’m about to retire them ) are a full set of graphite shafted Slazenger “paradox” and still in very good condition. There’s a club name you won’t hear today.

  • Timothy Berger

    Hi all just wondering I have come across a wonderful look golf bag and it is called
    Golf craft on the front pocket
    On the bottom of the bag it has top-pro
    Where the shafts are it has comparto in one corner and slazenger on the other
    If I could get any information on this it would be great thanks

  • Linda Crisp

    Hi i have a bobby Locke golf bag..it’s square in shape.5 pouches on each side of the golf bag and four in the opening of the golf bag..cream leather.The bag has Bobby Locke s/steel disk and slazenger.. can anyone let me know how old the golf bag is
    Thank you Linda crisp


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