Slazenger Jumper, something unique

We have always been writting about sport legends and our very present. But what about to write about our past? Our history? Our heritage? Is it not the aim of every individual? To know where they come from so as not to miss the right path to achieve success. This is why we are going to share the history of the Slazenger jumper: our identity sign.

Slazenger Jumper: more than clothes

‘Rather a small, friendly Company, despite its international operation’. This is how Ralph Slazenger, the elder of the two brothers to found the Slazenger business, described the company. But over the years following Ralph’s humble assessment of the company he founded Slazenger has grown in size and stature to one of the leading sports companies in the World today.

slazenger jumper heritageA heritage to be proud of

Founded by brother’s Ralph and Albert Slazenger in 1888, Slazenger has a long and distinguished history, which was further enhanced in 1940 with the Company’s acquisition of Ayres (est. 1810) and Sykes (est. 1875). Read on to find out how Slazenger has remained at the forefront of Sports in England and throughout the world for more than 120 years.

In 1890 Gow of the Glasgow Golf Club manufactured the very first Slazenger Golf Clubs. The next year in 1891 saw the introduction of the Slazenger’s first Golf Ball, the ‘Guttie’. Using the Slazenger ball Harold Hilton won the British Open in 1892 and again in 1897.

Throughout time, many legends have decided to wear our clothes and sporting goods. Furthermore, Slazenger has always been supporting sports, being present in tournaments and events of different discipline, such as golf , tennis and more.

Our Slazenger Jumper

Despite its long history Slazenger today shows no signs of slowing down. The brand has gone truly global and the Company are continuing its commitment to investment from grass roots to professional level across a wide range of sports and leisure activities. This is what we want to show in every single Slazenger jumper: our heritage.

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