Women in the history of golf

Good morning readers! From Slazenger Heritage, one of the oldest surviving sporting clothing brand, our post of today is about women in the history of golf.

Nowadays it is common to watch female golfers, but some years ago it was unthinkable to watch women in a golf field.

Important women in the history of golf

Helen Hicks, first woman to become a professional golfer

In the year 1934 Helen Hicks signed with Wilson-Western Sporting Goods Company. After the agreement she becoming one of the first women to sign with a sporting relevant brand. Hicks won two important championship, which are now significant tournaments on the LPGA tour.

women in the history of golf

Zaharias, first woman to play in a professional men’s tournament

Mildred Ella Didrikson «Babe» Zaharias competed in the 1938 Los Angeles Open. It was the first time that a woman competed at a professional level. After her first appearance on the golf courses, Babe Zaharias will become a popular American player in the 40s and 50s.

women in the history of golf

Patty Berg, first woman to have her own club

Patty Berg was another relevant female golfer in that decade with Zaharias. In addition to winning an important amount of tournaments, Berg created his own golf club. In 1946 (Washington) Patty Berg became the first champion of the U.S. Women’s Open

Fortunately, women continue to enjoy this spectacular sport, and we hope that many of them make history with their achievements and shots.

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