History of tennis, how did this sport come about?

Good morning everyone, today from Slazenger Heritage, vintage sport clothing, we want to tell you how it all happened. How was one of the best and most beautiful sports in the world born? Today we will tell you the history of tennis.

Tennis is all about passion, struggle and hard work. Whether professionally, or as a hobby, many people have enjoyed the sport, and will continue to do so for many years to come. So sit back and enjoy our blog. Today you will learn about the history of tennis.

history of tennis

The history of tennis: ORIGIN OF TENNIS

Playing tennis with your hand? In the 6th century BC Persians and Egyptians were already playing this sport without a racket.

Later, Greeks and Romans also became fans of the game. But it was in France, around the 16th century, that the true predecessor of tennis as we know it today emerged. Jeu de Paumeya, is the name given to this game, which was played indoors.

It was during this period that the first wooden rackets were made, so that the aristocrats’ hands would not get hurt.

The history of tennis: WHO INVENTED TENNIS?

But who invented tennis as we know it today? The answer is Walter Clopton Wingfield. At the end of the 19th century, this military man invented the rules of tennis as we know it today, and is therefore considered the inventor of tennis. The measurements of the court, how the rackets should be used, the system of points and play… were some of the rules established by the colonel.

Sphairistike was Walter’s unsuccessful name for the sport, as people began to call it lawn tennis. After patenting and popularising the game, tennis clubs began to spring up, where only high society had a place.

The history of tennis: WHERE TENNIS WAS INVENTED

England is considered the birthplace of tennis, where it was officially born and where the first rules of tennis that we still have today were written. In fact, it was in the English Sport Magazine (1973), where modern tennis was mentioned for the first time.


So much for today’s blog! There is a lot to tell about the tennis history .

This great sport has a long history, with great legends who have been part of it. Would you like to know how this history continues? What were the first tennis clubs? And the first competitions?

Stay tuned to the Slazenger Heritage, vintage sport clothing, blog, and find out!

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