Golf clothing, its rules and its changes

Good morning everyone, today from Slazenger Heritage, we are going to talk to you about golf clothing, its rules and its changes. The other day we talked to you about the evolution of fashion in tennis and it seemed of interest to us to do it in our other great field, golf. It has also gone through many changes to reach the fashion we have today, here we show you which ones!

golf chlothes, its rules and its changes

All sports must be dressed in appropriate clothing for them but with their labels and aesthetics well marked. Those of golf are very recognizable, as it shows a lot of luxury. Although throughout the years comfort has been sought, elegance has never been lost. Because, we tell you about golf clothing, its rules and its changes.

Golf clothes, its rules and its changes in its origins and until the 50s

Origins of clothing in golf

The origin of golf dates back to Scotland in the fourteenth or fifteenth century, in principle it was a sport that only men practiced, so their clothing was typical of the time, jackets, breeches and shoes depending on the stage, and they were also prepared for the cold and damp of Scotland.

It was not until the beginning of the 19th century when women began to practice it with the typical clothing of other sports, such as horse riding, which consisted of long dresses or long skirts with blouses, giving them masculine touches such as hats or ties.

golf clothing, its rules and its changes

Rules and changes in golf clothing in the 50s

At the end of the 19th century, golf was introduced in the United States and Canada. The country clubs appear, which in essence were places where future couples socialized and met. Hence, the clothes were so elegant and careful, especially in women, who always tried to be in fashion.

At the beginning of the century, the man had to wear baggy pants and long cotton stockings with leggings, as well as a simple-closing jacket. The whole look was completed with a typical golf cap and specific shoes. As it became popular among rich people, the jackets evolved into more complex ones. All this without ever abandoning the tie.

As time progressed, the clothing became lighter and we switched to long flannel pants and knitted sweaters, some even abandoning ties.

golf clothing, its rules and its changes

The woman, however, has a slower evolution since her outfit consisted of a blouse, jacket and a straight skirt, the only thing that evolved was that the jacket would become a sweater. It is not until the 30s when a long one-piece dress more suitable for the sport practiced appears.

golf clothes, its rules and its changes

Golf clothes today

From the 1940s on, clothing evolved to what we find today. Short-sleeved shirts, shorts, etc. All designed for greater comfort and freedom of movement.

But still, its formal style is not lost and rules must be followed. For example, you cannot wear a jean, a neckless or round top. Also, you cannot wear a tank top or the cap with the brim back or the shirt on the outside.

For men, the clothing consists of a polo shirt with a collar, and a sweater on top. We leave you here our Golf Sweaters, with a spectacular fabric and elegant colors. And, for the bottom, shorts, not too short, or long pants.

golf clothing, its rules and its changes

golf clothes, its rules and its changes

For women, polo shirts with a collar are also used with a short skirt. The most common accessories are gloves for a good grip and sunglasses.

golf clothing, its rules and its changes

We hope it has been of interest to you! We think that it is very important to know the history behind the clothes. Do you like the history of fashion? Tell us! We leave you this article in which they talk more in depth.

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