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Lawn Tennis “Lawn Tennis” on the Grass Courts

Recently the focus has been on the legendary Wimbledon tournament and as everyone knows it is probably one of the most famous tennis tournaments played on a grass court (Of course, played with Slazenger Tennis Balls). Of the current four Grand Slam tournaments, it is the only one that is still played on a grass. […]

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the open championship The Open Championship – the oldest major championship

We´ve already talked about 2 out of 4 men´s major golf championships: Master Tournament and US Open. It´s time to move to Europe and take a closer look at The Open Championship. Is the oldest of the four majors, it dates back to 1860. And it’s the only major tournament outside the Unites States. History […]

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US Open US Open, a legend in golf

Known as one of the strictest and most challenging golf men’s tournament, the US Open is, after the Masters Tournament, one of the second -out of four- major championships of the field. It is held, as its name states, in the United States, on the third Sunday of June. Organized by the United States Golf Association […]

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Masters Tournament in 1934 Masters Tournament, one of the Major golf championship

Masters Tournament is one out of four major championships for proffesional golfers. It is held every year since 1934, except the period of 1943-1945 due to the Second World War. Unlike other championships it is always organized in the same place in a private course Augusta National Golf Club  in Georgia, U.S. during the first full […]

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duel in the sun The Duel in the Sun, Tom Watson vs Jack Niklaus with Slazenger

Tom Watson, more than almost any great player of modern times, had the ability to step back and appreciate his role in golf’s drama. The most famous example is when he turned to Jack Nicklaus on the sixteenth tee at Turnberry in the final round of the 1977 Open Championship and said, “This is what […]

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