Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia

Everything starts in the 30s when Bobby Jones builds his dream course, Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, and the first Masters is played in 1934. It was in 1935 when Gene Sarazen helps put the tournament on the map with his double eagle, and playoff.

The inaugural Augusta National Invitation Tournament (named the Masters Tournament in 1939) is played at Augusta National Golf Club. Horton Smith beats Craig Wood by a stroke, and becomes the first Masters champion. His share of the purse is $1,500.

Augusta is renowned for its well-maintained impeccable appearance: pine straw is imported, bird sounds are played on inconspicuous speakers, and even the ponds were once dyed blue. The club is famed for its azaleas and dogwoods. The course was formerly a plant nursery and each hole on the course is named after the tree or shrub with which it has become associated, like Tea Olive (hole 1), Magnolia (hole 5) and Redbud (hole 16).

Augusta National Golf Club has about 300 members at any given time. Membership is strictly by invitation; there is no application process. Every member of Augusta National receives a green sports coat with the club’s logo on the left breast. The idea of the green jacket originated with club co-founder Clifford Roberts. Many believe it is because he wanted patrons visiting during the tournament to be able to readily identify members.

Jack Nicklaus, one of the best member of Augusta National golf Club

Jack Nicklaus, one of our Slazenger Legends, six-time Masters champion, is the only Masters champion who is currently a regular member of the club.

Although some controversy has been surrounded the club, especially about Augusta National’s refusal to admit female members to the club, this majest field has been on eof the most important gold club of Golf and full of Legends from this sport.

That is why from Slazenger Heritage we feel privileged that one of our best golf legends is an exclusive member of the club. We can do nothing but support it through our sweaters made with Australian merino wool considered the best, in addition to having a natural, biodegradable and renewable fiber.


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