Slazenger, the best quality equipment

Slazenger experts in sport clothing, with more than 100 years of experience, and considered the most ancient sponsor in tennis world provides you of the best sports equipment.  Our brand gives you the most security and confort in your sport daily routine.

slazenger tennis


Important colaborations of Slazenger

You can find us having colaborations with Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, where this brand provide all the tennis balls required. On the other hand, we can say that Wimbledon Tournament has been celebrated since 1877.

Also, Rafa Nadal, who is considered one of the best tennis players in the world, has been the winner of this famous tournament whose sponsor is Slazenger. Because of that, we can consider that our clothing is required for all people who loves this sport. In that case, you can feel like one of the bets tennis players who wear this kind of clothing.

famous tennis slazenger


New bussiness lines in Slazenger

Although this brand is recognised for the high quality of its products, this brand is ready for diversify his image in other fields. Because of that, we can find other interesting lines of diferent products.


In the line of products Slazenger Golf, we identify a lot of types of products. First of all, we can see all types of golf stick totally qualifyed. In the other side, we see all Slazenger golf clothing. All of this has been made to give you accurancy and all knowlenge about golf sphere.

slazenger golf



In the line of products swimming, we discern all age swimming clothing. We try to offer the best product keeping in mind your necessities. Our brand has all kinds of swimming products, to help you finding the best water experience.

slazenger swimming


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